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If you know anything at all about Brighton is that it's a platform that caters to the most creative minds around the UK. 

    The free-spirited, lovers of life and arts, are always ready to welcome you 

with a great, warm smile! But it's not only

the creative minds at the heart of this city, it's also the hustle, the everyday overcoming, the rising above all challenges and standing for what we all believe in - the 

finest expression of life itself. 

And that is what URBAN G celebrates.

The everyday rising stars

who know that they can change the world one step at the time.

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Urban G is a clothing & accessories brand

inspired by the vibrant city of Brighton, UK.


''Over 70% of all garments currently sold on our website are eco-friendly.

Our goal is to bring that number up to 100% before the end of 2021.''


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The Urban G logo is a representation of the Past, the Present and the Future in which the Monkey, the Human and the Alien can be seen simultaneously in one symbol.

Human Evolution

Through A Series Of Metaphors



Symbol of strength and determination. It represents the primate, the simplest and yet most important form of creation.



Symbol of wisdom and creativity. It's the observer of the past and creator of the future, therefore the most powerful form of creation.



Symbol of imagination, a projection of the future. It represents the vision that fuels all those who become great.

Urban G exclusive designs


A tribute to those who mastered the art of rising above by diving within.

Inside loud

A tribute to all creative introverts - those who speak volumes without a single word.


A tribute to those who choose focus despite all temptations

mr boy edition

Inspired by all rising stars - those figuring life out and still having fun on the go.

Urban g classic

Human Evolution

through a series of metaphors


Inspired by the vibrant City of Brighton, UK - Where the Urban G Story began.

Meet The Founders.

Zack has a long history of entrepreneurship under his belt. From the tender age of 10, he and his siblings would try to raise money by selling hibiscus lemonade in African Markets, so they can keep up with the latest fashion trends. More often than not, they would spend days on end under the burning Sun, only to bearly break-even. But little did they know the sales skills and experience they would pick up along the way, would lead them to a whole new world. 

Fast forward 24 years later, Zack has contributed to growing multiple businesses across multiple continents. He is also the co-founder of Bifound.com, a platform dedicated to teaching start-up entrepreneurs how to build successful businesses and monetize their skills.

The most representative characteristic of Zack is his huge desire to see people succeed. In fact, Urban G was born from a series of conversations with rising stars and the countless mentorship hours he dedicated to helping artists pursue their dreams in a way that would allow them to make an income at the same time.

This is how he fell in love with the arts and artists of Brighton and pitched the Urban G idea to the rest of the team who were instantly sold on it! Together, they decided to build a brand that would pay tribute to the City they fell in love with so many years ago - Brighton UK.

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Zakari Sulaiman

CEO & Co-Founder Urban G Clothing Ltd

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Irina Mihalache

COO & Co-Founder of Urban G Clothing Ltd

Irina is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Urban G as well as multiple other companies including Bifound.com. We often refer to her as the G-lette in charge ;)

Irina came to the UK at the age of 19 completely by herself with a one-way ticket, 1 suitcase and exactly £100 in her pocket. The one thing she always mastered is her infectious optimism and excitement about what life has to offer.

She has a rare ability to see the potential in any opportunity so she explored her creative self by co-founding a bunch of successful companies and helping others understand their value as well.

Her biggest vision for the world is that one day, everyone will know the intrinsic value humans possess and we will be able to work together in pursuit of higher visions.

When Zack (our CEO), pitched the Urban G idea to Irina and the rest of the team, it became obvious that this work was not only a good idea but it was necessary. Together they decided that Brighton was too good to be kept in the shadow, so they agreed to make a conscious effort to bring awareness over its potential.

-We hope you find inspiration in our work

just as we found in others-

Thank You!