Welcome to Urban G Affiliate Program

Creatives Guidelines 


Thank you for joining Urban G Affiliate program, we are very excited to have you on board. Please find below a series of creatives that you can download and share with confidence across your social media platforms. 



We wish you nothing but a successful happy promoting 

Please contact s if you require more assistance


Up to 11% commission on all sales.


The Affiliate discount pack containing a 50% coupon code for your personal use and a 10% coupon code for your audience.


 Coaching and support from your Affiliate Manager.


Additional bonuses with each milestone.


45-day tracking cookies - Get the credit you deserve.


Monthly newsletter – keeps you informed of all the latest data feeds, deals, coupons and banners.


Real-time reporting and sales tracking via your dashboard - helps you review your performance and commissions clearly.


Over 100 Creatives Available - Custom made banners, images and videos helping you showcase our products even before you physically have them.


Free shipping worldwide with minimum purchase.

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