Welcome to Urban G Affiliate Program

About the AFFILIATE Role

Urban G Affiliate Program is an initiative that provides Influencers with the opportunity to join Urban G as an independent sales associate, connect people with the brand and get paid in return. We currently use AWIN as our exclusive management platform for our Affiliate Program.

How it works:

Step 1.


Sign Up to become an Affiliate on AWIN. Once you have registered, search our profile using ID: 22472, then click ''Join Programme''. Or simply click the link at the bottom of this page.


Step 2.


Once you get accepted our Affiliate Manager will be in touch to help you understand more about our products & company, answer any questions and provide you with custom discount codes for yourself and your audience.



You will also receive your unique affiliate link alongside access to dozens of our creatives such as Instagram swipe ups, banners, product videos etc. You can download and share them on your social platforms alongside our unique affiliate link. From every sale you bring in via your link, you receive up to 11% commission rate.

All affiliate links have automated cookies that last 45 days. That means that if a customer visits our website via your affiliate link, you will be granted a commission from each purchase the customer makes on our website during the next 45 days. Yes, even if they no longer access our website via your link at the time of purchase.


Step 3.

Keep promoting your link and watch your earnings grow.


You have access to your personal affiliate dashboard where you can track sales, performance, commissions and bonuses in real-time. You will also have support from your Affiliate Manager who can provide you with custom made creatives or even help you map out a sales strategy based on your audience.


Step 4.


Unlock our Bonus Scheme and get even more rewards.


All Affiliates are automatically enrolled in our bonus scheme. That means that each time you hit a milestone you get a bonus on top of your regular commission. Bonuses range from Cash Prize to Playstation 5, Vouchers, Merch, Holidays and other cool perks.

To apply via Awin, follow the link below:


Up to 11% commission on all sales.


The Affiliate discount pack containing a 50% coupon code for your personal use and a 10% coupon code for your audience.


 Coaching and support from your Affiliate Manager.


Additional bonuses with each milestone.


45-day tracking cookies - Get the credit you deserve.


Monthly newsletter – keeps you informed of all the latest data feeds, deals, coupons and banners.


Real-time reporting and sales tracking via your dashboard - helps you review your performance and commissions clearly.


Over 100 Creatives Available - Custom made banners, images and videos helping you showcase our products even before you physically have them.


Free shipping worldwide with minimum purchase.

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